About Coryn Smith

Naturopath, massage therapist, workshop facilitator

Hi I’m Coryn. With more than 18-years experience as a naturopath - working with clients one-on-one, running workshops and hosting retreats - I create an environment for you to feel comfortable, heard and understood. I understand our brains create resistance to change and I will not set you up to fail. I’ll work with what is realistic for you and we'll move towards your goals through dialogue and small manageable steps.


Your body is amazing. The intricate way the body works on a cellular level to keep you in balance is extraordinary - but sometimes it just needs a hand. I’ll work alongside your body’s innate intelligence to help it run at an optimum level to create vitality, longevity and joy.  I’ll use my experience to give you tools, inspiration and knowledge to implement specific protocols to address imbalance in the body. 

I specialise in the holistic management of stress and gut-health balance. Read more on the importance of gut health and the implications when it’s out of balance here.

Why does my job light me up so much?

At 21, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and consequently offered antidepressants by my doctor. I was feeling down, but I knew antidepressants were not the answer - so I looked for something different. I learned to meditate and went to see an ‘alternative practitioner’ who taught me about my body and helped to bring it back to balance. 


Years later I studied to become a naturopath and herbalist. After qualifying, I thought I knew quite a lot, but there was a lot more to learn. I’ve continued to update my education since I qualified in 2000 but the biggest change to my practice came through personal experience. 


Over a short period of time in my 40s, I lost a parent suddenly and ended a long-term relationship as a mother of three. In this state I soon realized I could not think my way out of this and it was here I found the missing part of the puzzle - somatic practice. 


Somatic practice is feeling, not thinking, moving and dissipating emotion and listening to your body’s inner-wisdom. It's trusting that you have all the answers inside your body, just waiting for a gentle invitation.


I’ve now integrated this concept into my naturopathic practice with great results. If this resonates with you I’d love to work with you to help you feel alive again.