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Meal Plans that feed


the Soul and nourish


the Body.

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Not sure where to start? Looking for a bit of structure to help you get back into metabolic balance.

These are Naturopathic meal plans, for you to get started and inspired. 

Take the overwhelm out of eating and follow a structured meal plan for a while to help you get a sense of what feels right for you. 

These are evergreen plans, so buy when you want, start them when its right, go at your own pace

 Designed by me for you. 

I just love the 7 day reset meal plan and recipes. I was a bit nervous about fasting and didn't really know where to start, this plan was easy to follow and I loved the shopping list, It made it super quick and easy.

- Jane Smith

  • 7 day Lead up and 3 day Fasting  Protocol                     

  • 7 day No more Sugar                                                                Click here to buy $29.00

  • 21 day Perimenopause Support                                          Click here to buy $39.00

  • 21 day  Holistic Sustainable  Weight Loss                     Click here to buy $39.00

All Meal plans addressing Metabolic Health (The heart of health)

Comes with naturopathic tips and tools for

Setting yourself up for success 

Understanding the 3 stages of change

Introduction to Understanding what holistic weight loss is made up off

Understanding why metabolic health is so important. 

Comes with great recipes and a shopping list

Creating a Road map for you o you can just enjoy the food. 

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