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Online Group Programs


Not sure what online program is right for you, book a free 15-minute discovery call and I can help you out. 

On-line Program

7-day Winter Reset

Rhythm with the seasons


Feel like nourishing your body with warming winter foods?  Would like to boost your immunity? and Metabolic system?

Would like to learn about what foods in winter keep your metabolic system working well?

Feeling overwhelmed about where to start with your health? Wanting to increase your energy and metabolic health? Want to connect and be supported by a community of like minded people? 

This is a 7-day online Winter Reset with a 1-day broth Fast (optional)

Next Course starts: Sunday 2nd to 9th June: 2024

On-line Program

21-day Metabolic Reset

Reclaiming your Metabolic Health 


All about the hormones.

Learn 5 pillars of hormonal/ 

Metabolic health. 

This is a 21-day online Metabolic reset with an optional  3-day fast at the end.

Next Course starts: 4th August - 24th: 2024

On-line Prgram

 6 mth Perimenopause

Transitioning into Your Power

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the changes happening to your body? Are you feeling tired? Are you experiencing symptoms that you may never have experienced before?


Have you lost your passion/ purpose?

Next Course starts: 2024


I did the 7 day metabolic reset with Coryn and a group of lovely people. Would totally recommend doing this. Coryn's expertise and experience in providing the yummiest, easy to make recipes and great support through the week as well as group support from fellow fasters. I will be doing this again!

-Sue Bowers

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