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Gut Health:


A foundation of 


Good Health

GEMM protocol
(Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation)


What a truly fascinating system. I first learned about the importance of good gut health 20 years ago but science has now confirmed the significance of the gut and the microbiome. We now know it communicates with the brain, the immune system and the rest of the body and has an impact on disease states and ultimately your quality of life and vitality.

I started seeing Coryn after a retreat with her and her sisters. I really liked her vibe and she talked about some of the things I had been struggling with. On my first visit I talked about the gut issues I had been having on and off for over ten years and how I felt the Dr was treating the symptoms rather than the cause. We discussed the other things in my life that could be affecting my gut health, aside from food and it was a rather therapeutic experience. From there I started the GEMM Gut Protocol which has made a huge difference to my gut, the way I eat and think about food. Working with Coryn has also made me more conscious  about my stress triggers, how I deal with stress and 'finishing the stress cycle' which has been a real game changer for me.

- Rochell

Why is it so important to my health?


We now know there is a link between the integrity of the microbiome and gut health and cardiometabolic risk. Cardiometabolic risk refers to your chances of having obesity, diabetes, heart disease or stroke. (Cardio-metabolic disease is a key target of the GEMM protocol). It’s now widely considered that the gut functions as a metabolic organ, which plays a primary role in immunity and influencing inflammation markers.

Inflammation is the beginning of all disease.


We know that the gut brain connection also has a direct effect on our mental wellbeing, this can influence depression, anxiety and cognitive disease states like Alzheimer's Disease.

What can I do to bring it back into balance?


A healthy diet and lifestyle are the most powerful ways to keep your gut healthy.

Include a diversity of whole foods, prebiotic and probiotic foods 

Eat foods high in micro and macro nutrients

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables - increase your fresh vegetables to eight servings a day, A serving is around half a cup. 

Hydrate - drink good quality water, around two litres daily

Manage your stress, This is a big part of how I practice. You can have the “cleanest” diet in the world but if you don’t have a self care attitude and understand your triggers then you’ll feel like you are going round in circles.

GEMM protocol is not a diet!


I do not recommend counting calories! Let's just put it out there - diets don't work! The mind doesn't like restriction. The body is constantly trying to keep you in balance and calorie restriction creates a big red flag to the body. It sends a message that you are starving and the body will undergo a series of survival mechanisms to stop that from happening. Welcome to the feast and famine cycle. 


Please note: this is different to intermittent fasting and fasting when done correctly. 


We all know that making sustainable long term changes to what we eat and our lifestyle is really bloody hard! Our Biology is wired for struggle and some of our programs and stories we have, will create resistance to change. That's where I come in.

What impedes healthy gut ecology?


Foods below have been shown to have a negative effect on the tight gap junctions of the small intestines. 


Foods in Moderation:

  • Sugar

  • Alcohol

  • Processed foods

  • High saturated fat

  • Polyunsaturated fats (Vegetable oils) 

  • Glidden (protein found in wheat)

  • Pesticides (organic fruit and vegetables are ideal)

I am a trained GEMM (Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation) Practitioner. This Protocol requires a registration first. If you would like to know more, please click the button below and book a free 15 min chat with me, so I can assess whether this program is best suited for your health needs. Otherwise email me with any questions.

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