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What is involved in Naturopathic Consultations?


It's a process, when it comes to personalized health, there is no cookie cutter approach.

It takes time to make changes and it's important that these changes are what work for you and are aligned with your way of doing things.

I felt an instant connection at my first appointment with Coryn for my gut health and inflammation in my body. Her wonderful care, ongoing support and guidance has inspired me into a new pathway and approach to understanding my mind body connection. I’m very grateful to Coryn for her education, insight , trueness and for really listening to me as I learn and make some well needed lifestyle changes. She is delightful, very skilled, passionate , fun, knowledgeable and a very professional wellness practitioner.

- Susan Edgson

Book a free discovery call

This is were you can get a feeling if we are the right fit and if i can help you with what you need. 

This is a free no obligation ph chat to give you an opportunity to ask me any questions. 

Book your naturopathic consultation

This is an in depth look into your health, your health history, what you need support in. I ask a lot of questions in this first session, so I can get a real understanding of you and how best to support you.

Your Wellness Road Map


Following your first naturopathic consultation, you’ll receive a ‘Health and Wellness Roadmap’, a personalised wellness plan just for you to help set you up for sustainable long term wellbeing and vitality. This will include recommendations tailored to your personal health needs - a plan of action that is realistic and achievable for you.


This may include:

  • Diet Suggestions

  • Specific wellness protocols 

  • Supplements/ herbal formulas

  • Lifestyle tools

  • Mindfulness tools

  • Functional testing

Please email me with any questions.

Your follow up sessions: Wellness Check-in 


Motivation, connection and inspiration!​

Comprehensive sessions, highly recommended while working through your road map. I’ll support, motivate and inspire you on your journey to good health. This is where we integrate the goals you’ve made, and is often where my clients have major breakthroughs and make sustainable long-term changes.


We will:

  • Continue working on your health goals and protocols 

  • Re-evaluate goals along the way, and look at any new issues that arise

  • Identify any blind spots getting in the way of your good health

  • Practice new techniques e.g breathwork and journaling

This process usually takes around 5 to 12 sessions, depending on how long you have had your symptoms.

Please email me with any questions.

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