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Somatic Integration

It is a way to provide SPACE for you to understand and explore how your body/organism is communicating to you and learn how to follow your body's natural process of healing and expansion.


I see so many people that need support with their nervous system. I like to teach people tools to be able to help with nervous system regulation and vagal toning, and to help move/digest energy throughout the body.

This is a way to feel connected to yourself


To get in touch with what you need, and to create feel good hormones and neurotransmitters, that help bring balance to the whole body.  From this place you can start to feel alive again. 

Some of my favorite somatic practices.


Deep breathing: A lot of people breathe shallow and chest breathing, when you learn to breathe properly we access vagal toning, this has a positive effect on the nervous system. 


Tapping and shaking: is a very quick and effective way to change nervous system states, from fight flight and freeze to rest and digest. 


Qigong: Meaning the master of energy.  Is a lifelong practice.  Not only does it help with balance and strength it has a major role in nervous system modulation. It also helps you anchor into yourself and the world around you.


Lifestyle prescription 

I am so big on this, It allows people to take ownership over their holistic wellbeing. 

I create lifestyle prescriptions for my clients that they can incorporate into their life. 

These usually involved the above somatic practices. 


Ways you can work with me around somatic practices: 


I always have a component of this in my day retreats and weekend retreats.

If you are a Naturopathic client I use this in the lifestyle prescriptions 

If you would like to experience this in person I run group qigong classes 

I offer one on one or group work teaching this and guiding you through some exercises. 

If you would like me to come along to your workplace or a group of 10 and over I can run a tailored workshop around this. 

"Coryn's depth of presence is matched by her knowledge and capacity to heal. She is deeply invested in the process of wellbeing and has the knowledge and skills to support people both in a recovery process and also towards greater health and bodily awareness."

- TrishCassidy

Please email to find out more details. 

Please email me to find out when and where.

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