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Here's what some of my clients say about me:

Coryn has great knowledge and understanding as a naturopath, but her intuitive sense really fine tunes a whole session.

- Jane Hunter


Best massage ever! Very intuitive touch that got into all my tight spots, ironed out my tension and left me feeling so relaxed and blissed out, that I floated off the massage table.

- Karma Russell

I felt an instant connection at my first appointment with Coryn for my gut health and inflammation in my body. Her wonderful care, ongoing support and guidance has inspired  me into a new pathway and approach to understanding my mind body connection. I’m very grateful to Coryn for her education, insight , trueness and for really listening to me as I learn and make some well needed lifestyle changes. She is delightful, very skilled, passionate , fun, knowledgeable and a very professional wellness practitioner.

- Susan Edgson

Coryn is great to work with. She is kind, listens and understands and she treats you as a whole person. She has helped me develop a healthier lifestyle and to get my energy back after a long, difficult period.

- Lynley Stone

Thank you Coryn. I am feeling so much better and relaxed and can move my neck around. I loved the warmth, the sensitivity, and depth of your knowledge of bodywork which is reflected in your skilled range of techniques and trusting hands - loved the hot towels! Just had a very relaxing and therapeutic massage from Coryn who did wonders on a pinched nerve in my neck. I would thoroughly recommend her for bodywork and look forward to my next massage. Thank you Coryn.

- Siobhan Lee

I always have good intent to learn more about the benefits of mindfulness and connection but in reality - I had no idea where to start!  So when Coryn put an event up ‘Conscious Wellbeing’ - it appealed to me so much. Not just the event content, but also the chance to connect with other women and share over a good cuppa was a bonus! Sso I put aside my nervousness and went along. I’m SO glad I did! I was met by Coryn and her beautiful warmth and felt instantly at ease. Also being among a fabulous bunch of women attending who were all so welcoming! I left feeling so uplifted, and can’t wait until the next one.

- Laura Tucker


I had the best massage from Coryn, she was in tune with the areas of my body which needed attention, very intuitive and knew her stuff. Highly highly recommend!

- Rama Wharerimu

I have a very active job which requires a lot of lifting. The muscles around my neck and shoulders get very tight, and I was starting to get headaches. I went to Coryn for a therapeutic massage to relieve the tightness and tension. Coryn has a wonderful manner, and I felt at ease and supported from the moment I stepped through her clinic door. She kept me warm and comfortable at all times. I could feel the tension melting away as she worked on my muscles with a gentle but firm touch. Coryn recommended I see an osteo to help with the headaches, however, I found after the massage the headaches completely disappeared. I would recommend Coryn to anyone who wants body work done by an experienced and tuned-in practitioner.

- Lisa Davis

The 14 day Programme from Coryn Smith Wellness has given me the kick-start I was looking for to make healthier food choices. Being a breastfeeding mother, and having another child I have swung into some poor eating habits, looking for instant pick-me-ups and feeling tired all the time. After using Coryn’s Programme I feel like I have more space to make good decisions, have more energy and happier children. I love the way she integrates mind and body healing techniques into this program. It has felt like a very healing time. I recommend this to anyone who knows they could be feeling better and want some direction on how to nourish themselves.

- Stephine Young

The experience of Coryn’s full body massage has been an eye opener for me. A beautifully relaxed atmosphere was created to put me and my body at ease. As a busy single dad of three, the massage managed to clear my busy mind and free knots out of my stressed muscles. I particularly applaud her professionalism in explaining the process, in helping me relax and suggesting exercises to continue what her skilful hands started. I’ve since felt both a physical and emotional peace. It was my first massage but it won’t be my last.

- Johnny Boyle

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