Naturopathic Services

Feel free to give me a call before you book, to find out which service is right for you.


Naturopathic Consultation

Welcome to your first step towards wellness.


This is where we start - we’ll go through your health history, your symptoms and I’ll get an idea of what is going on for you, why you have come and what you’d like to achieve from our sessions.  


I’ll help educate you about your body, so you feel more empowered to decide what changes you’d like to create. My job is then to help you make a roadmap to get there.

60 min  |  $170

Skype Consultations also available.



The Gut-Disease link


​Whether you're presenting with the typical gut symptoms like IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and gas or with chronic inflammation in the body; gut healing is the foundation of good health and we are seeing now that most common diseases begin in the gut.


This program is designed for people not only with chronic inflammation and gut symptoms, but also extends to cardio-metabolic well-being, helping with circulatory function and glucose regulation.


10 week Wellness Coaching Course

Embracing Self - finding You again


Taking the Overwhelm out of change.  I am so excited to offer this very hands-on 10 week 1-on-1  coaching course: Learn about what lights you up. Understand what happens to the brain and body with stress. Learn about the three stages of change. Be taught breathing techniques that help get you out of overwhelm, tap into the quality of the feminine and masculine. Create your own rituals and find your flow.


10 weeks  |  $569

Additional Naturopathic Services

Wellness Road Map

Following your first naturopathic consultation, you’ll receive a ‘Health and Wellness Roadmap’, a personalised wellness plan just for you to help set you up for sustainable long term wellbeing and vitality. This will include recommendations tailored to your personal health needs - a plan of action that is realistic and achievable for you.  


This may include:

  • Diet Suggestions

  • Specific wellness protocols 

  • Supplements/ herbal formulas

  • Lifestyle tools

  • Mindfulness tools

  • Functional testing

Functional Testing

If appropriate, I have a number of functional tests available for my clients - the latest blood, saliva and DNA testing.


This can be especially helpful if you are dealing with a chronic health problem that you haven’t yet found answers for.


Wellness Check In

Motivation, connection and inspiration!


Comprehensive sessions, highly recommended while working through your road map. I’ll support, motivate and inspire you on your journey to good health. This is where we integrate the goals you’ve made, and is often where my clients have major breakthroughs and make sustainable long-term changes. We will:

  • Continue working on your health goals and protocols 

  • Re-evaluate goals along the way, and look at any new issues that arise

  • Identify any blind spots getting in the way of your good health

  • Practice new techniques e.g breathwork and journaling

This process usually takes around 5 to 12 sessions, depending on how long you have had your symptoms.

Bodywork Services


Body connection and the healing power of body work 


Connection through loving nurturing touch has been used forever in families and cultures around the world.


Over the years I have developed massage techniques from a combination of different cultures. I like to use the breath and movement and flowing strokes to create a very relaxing effect on the nervous system. I also work on the fascia and trigger points to be able to target and release areas of tension.


Head, Neck and Shoulders

Many of us carry our tension in this area. A deep tissue release and a great head massage.

30 min  |  $45


60 Minute

Deep tissue, fascial release or relaxation.

60 min  |  $90


90 Minute

Full body massage. A longer massage can allow the body to unwind and completely relax

90 min  |  $135


Aromatherapy & Hot Stone Massage

All about the heat! Enjoy a hot stone massage to help ease aches and pains. I use the healing properties of hot coconut oil infused with aromatherapy oils, hot, steaming towels and hot, smooth stones to relax and ease away tension. This is a bliss.

90 min  |  $145


Total Nervous System Reset

This Incredibly restorative session focuses on switching your nervous system from fight, flight and freeze to rest and digest. I’ll teach you to breathe properly and use body-pulsing, guided meditation and cranial head holds for deep relaxation.

60 min  |  $85


Divine Hot Rock Massage with Essential Oils

This one's all about the heat!! Enjoy a Hot Rock Massage to help ease away aches and pains. Using warm organic coconut oil with essential oils.

60 min  |  $129